Surgery Center for Kids
Eeeeeeks!!! You're having surgery!
but relax! You're in good hands here at Surgery Center! Here is what will happen when you come in for your surgery visit. And don't worry, surgery is something that your doctor wants you to have so that you can feel better!

Your surgery will be done in a special building.

We built Surgery Center so it would look really neat - like a big cube! It's got lots of mirrors on the outside.

The first thing you'll do is easy!
Your mom, dad or someone close to you will bring you to Surgery Center a day or two before your surgery. We'll get to meet you, and you can take a look around so you'll know where you're going on the day of surgery. After you visit with us, there may be some other people that want to meet you. They work in the laboratory. They just want to check your body to be sure everything is a-okay.

When you come in for surgery, it will be pretty early in the morning. You can even wear your pajamas if you want to. Make sure you eat a healthy dinner the night before your surgery, because guess what?
You won't be able to eat or drink anything on the morning of your surgery.
Do you know why? Food in your stomach when you have surgery might give you a tummy ache.

And you can bring your favorite toy with you when you come!

You're going to get your own special bracelet with your name on it. We also let you change clothes into our surgery outfits. They are a little different from your pajamas, and we call them surgery pajamas.
Guess what else you get?!
OOPS! We can't tell you. It's a fun surprise!

A really nice nurse will take you, your mom or dad, or whoever you brought with you to a room called the Pre-Op Area. You'll have your very own bed and the nurse will put a sticker on your forehead.
The sticker is a thermometer that tells the nurse if your body is hot or cold. The nurse will also use a blood pressure cuff around your arm to find out how fast or slow your blood moves.

A doctor called an Anesthesiologist will come in to introduce herself to you.The anesthesiologist is a special kind of doctor that puts people to sleep before their surgery and wakes them up after their surgery. She'll listen to your heartbeat with her stethoscope. After she's finished, the nurse will give you some medicine to drink that will make you sleepy.

Now you're all ready to go to the Operating Room!
 This is where your doctor will do the surgery, but don't worry about your parents. They will be close by in the waiting room.
How do you get to the Operating Room if you are in bed??

Oh, we forgot to tell you that your bed has wheels and the nurses can roll you around while you lay in bed! On your way to the Operating Room, you'll pass by lots of people.
They will have on surgery pajamas a little bit like yours and masks and hats, but don't be scared. They are doctors and nurses too. They just wear those because we want to keep all the germs out of your room!

Remember that special doctor that came to listen to your heart? She has special nurses called Nurse Anesthetists that she picks to take care of you while you are in the Operating Room. Those nurses help you to go to sleep for your surgery.
When you get to the Operating Room, you'll see big machines and lights. Your Nurse Anesthetist will let you wear a mask that's connected to a balloon. As you breathe into the mask, the balloon fills up with air.
This is how you fall asleep.

Next thing you know you're all done!
You'll wake up in the Recovery Room when your surgery is finished. How did you get there?!
Remember, your bed has wheels on it. Your nurses roll you to the Recovery Room so you can wake up and see your parents again. You might not feel so good right when you wake up, but you'll feel better soon.
While you are waking up, your doctor goes to the waiting room and talks to your parents to tell them all about your surgery and how well you did.
Your parents will come meet you in the Recovery Room after they talk to your doctor. We even have rocking chairs so your parents can rock you to help you feel better!



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